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Encourager Hosted by Richmond Stace

Encourager podcast is hosted by Richmond Stace who enjoys conversations with people who are Postive Encouragers. 

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Richmond Stace shares his raw and unplugged conversations with people who’s ethos is to share, give and serve and in doing so, encourage and inspire others to make a difference in the world. I was delighted to be invited onto his podcast. 

Dr Body Mind Soul: Self Care: Pain Free Mindset

I was delighted to be a guest on the Dr. Body Mind Soul podcast with the famous Dr. Jude Galia.

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Dr Jude Galia worked in the emergency department in the UK and Australia. We had a wonderful time discussing the mind body connection and how the new neuroscience of pain makes it more apparent than ever, that the mind and body are deeply connected and how we can influence both to positively impact our pain experience.

Pain: Why We Need to Revolutionise Our Thinking

On the What Your GP Doesn’t Tell You Podcast I explain to award winning medical journalist, Liz Tucker, how we need to completely rethink our understanding of chronic pain. 

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I was delighted to be a guest on this wonderful podcast, What Your GP Doesn’t Tell You. This is a weekly podcast revealing stories from the world of medicine that is aimed not just at the healthcare community, but also the public. It is hosted by award winning medical journalist and former BBC producer Liz Tucker. It’s been great to be on the show and talk about the changing evidence and how we should understand the neuroscience better and how we can interpret the evidence and offer more high value care in a more sustained manner.

The Sleep Whisperer Podcast: Pain & Sleep

In conversation with Deepak Kannan host of Sleep Whisperer Podcast, we discuss the link between pain and sleep.

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I was very pleased to appeared as a guest on the wonderful Sleep Whisperer Podcast hosted by Deepak Kannan from India. This podcast helps the general public understand more about sleep and the confusion by really providing high quality information around sleep and the proper tools to positively impact your mind and body with better sleep. It was a delight to talk about the links between sleep and pain and how the bi-directional nature can be influenced positively and in the right direction. 

Dr Niloofar Borghei Razavi – It’s the Pain Talking

Recently I was invited to discuss how we can relearn how we think about pain with Dr Niloofar Borghei Razavi

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In this episode, we talked about so many diverse and interesting topics including:
  • Relearning how we think about pain 
  • Complexity of pain 
  • Factors contributing to chronicity of pain
  • The Pain-Free Mindset
  • Is pain always an indication of danger? 
  • Pain as protection
  • Top-down and bottom up signaling
  • The embodied self
  • Integrative approach to pain 
  • Patient empowerment 
  • Harnessing the power of community in managing chronic health 

BBC Sounds Room 5 Medical Mysteries: Poppy

In Room 5 hosted by Helena Merriman I tell the story of Poppy who went into hospital for a routine operation that left her in excruciating pain. 

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In this episode of Room 5 I tell the story of a 23 year old girl, Poppy, who had a routine knee operation which left her in excruciating pain. Her leg changed colour and she was unable to walk; yet her scans showed that there is nothing wrong.

Other doctors were unable to help, but I managed to solve the mystery. Listen to the podcast to find out how. 

The Doctor’s Kitchen: Fix your Pain 

I was delighted to be invited by Dr Rupy Aujla to join him on his The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast to discuss my Upstreamist approach to pain management.  

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Dr Rupy Aujla is an NHS medical doctor who started The Doctor’s Kitchen in 2015 after suffering from a heart condition that changed his life. 

In this interview, we look at upstreamist using a holistic, trauma informed and integrated approach as well as looking at the importance of the role of lifestyle and nutrition on pain.  

Dr Joe Tatta – Understanding Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) And Chronic Pain

It was indeed a great honour for me to be invited to be a podcast guest on the Healing Pain Podcast by Joe Tatta. 

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Joe has been an inspirational mentor and teacher in terms of the holistic management of pain, and I have completed his courses on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as nutrition for chronic pain. 

In this episode, it was a fantastic opportunity for me to discuss the principles of trauma-informed care and how our understanding of the management of chronic pain needs to incorporate the understanding of trauma, including PTSD, where the entire immune and nervous system are under extreme threat and sympathetic arousal. This continues to be a very important topic, I hope you enjoy this interview and I certainly enjoyed this chat with Joe.

Pete Moore – Pail Toolkit 5 Question Interview

This is one of the earliest podcast interviews that I did when I was starting to formulate the creation of the Pain Free Mindset in my head.

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I have known Pete Moore for a few years now and I’m very grateful that he agreed to share his story for my book. In this interview I talk about the ways in which we should be managing pain and how we empower our pain patients. Hope you enjoy it.

Suzy Bolt – Long Covid, Pain Management, Lifestyle Medicine

I was interviewed by Suzy Bolt on her Youtube channel, 360mindbodysoul for her community.  

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Susy is a specialist in communication and transformation and has created many recovery and retreat programs for patients recovering from post-viral issues. She has trained in many fields of complementary therapies such as yoga, NLP, and patient-centred counselling. In March 2020, she got COVID and has been left with symptoms of long COVID; in this interview we talked about my understanding of long COVID and the establishment of the long COVID service in Berkshire, and what my philosophy and treatment outlook for patients with long COVID ought to be. I hope you enjoy this interview.

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