"There are a lot of flawed beliefs on the topic of pain that occupy the present healthcare system..."

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As a self-confessed enthusiast and national expert in living a pain-free life through mindset management, Dr Deepak Ravindran wants to share his ideas globally.

Below are links to my collection of articles, blogs, medical hacks, and insights on the thought-provoking world of medicine. As well as sharing relevant and current articles of interest, we would like to open the digital door to all health care providers as an opportunity for you to share medical developments and commentary on life-changing (and saving) news in the field. Through the power of media we will debunk the myths, challenge the norms and explore health and well-being with both patients and professionals, safely.

“I have realized that if I needed to change and have an impact, I can’t do that just by talking to a few GPs at a time on a lunch break or talking to patients on a one-to-one basis. I can’t just whisper to my medical colleagues in the hope that they would change their beliefs. I have to go to where the people are.”