"There are a lot of flawed beliefs on the topic of pain that occupy the present healthcare system..."

Overcoming Chronic Pain: An Integrated Lifestyle Medicine Based Approach

In September 2023, I gave a presentation which provided an update of recent developments in pain science and how the new advancements in neuroscience of pain is helping us better appreciate these exciting opportunities to help patients in pain.

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Today, there are numerous evidence-based approaches to pain management that don’t rely on just medications or interventions. These non-pharmalogical approaches align with the long term sustainability plan of the NHS by giving patients the power to overcome their pain with less burden on our healthcare resources.


CarFest 2023

In August 2023, I was part of the Flippin’ Pain team that had been invited to be part of the Spa Fest stage at CarFest 2023 in Hampshire. The venue was the picturesque Laverstoke Park.

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It was my first CarFest event and I was amazed by the spread of events that were available for the public to enjoy, and the fantastic cause that Chris Evans is promoting in working with children’s charities. I was part of the SpaFest stage and with my collaborators, Prof Cormac Ryan, The Flippin’ Pain UK champion, and Nikki Jones, our lived experience expert. We got talking to the public about the new science of pain and reached out to a new audience that was interested in all things to do with health and well-being.

Royal Garden Party

In May 2023, I was extremely delighted to be extended an invitation along with my wife by His Majesty King Charles to attend the Royal Garden Party as part of the Coronation.

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This was the first ever garden party with the King, and I was extremely honoured to be nominated and recognised for the work that I’ve done in my community. I’m very grateful to the Lord Lt’s Office in Berkshire who initially made/supported the nomination. My wife and I had an absolutely awesome time and the weather gods were also extremely kind with some really brilliant sunshine. I got to see the King up close and personal and also got to shake his hand!!

Flippin’ Pain –The Teesside Cycling Tour

In May 2023, I was part of a diverse group of clinicians and patients raising awareness about the new science of pain by cycling across the Teesside valley from the 7th 12th of May 2023.

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In all, we cycled more than 300km over 5 days, a mix of healthcare professionals with an interest in pain, cycling alongside people with lived experience of pain.

All of us had a common mission in mind. We wanted to reach out to the general public; go to where they are, talk and engage with them about the new way to view pain, and how they could potentially help themselves, and at the same time, have a better idea of when to seek help from healthcare professionals. Flippin’ Pain are the first organisation in the UK who have been set up specifically to do this kind of work with the general public. I had the great fortune to be part of the first peloton in 2021 in Lincolnshire. This time around I was again part of the cycling peloton, experiencing the beauty of cycling in the wonderful Yorkshire Dales. I presented alongside some real stalwarts in the pain science field like Prof. Cormac Ryan, The Flippin’ Pain UK champion, and Professor Lorimer Moseley,


Honorary Professor Degree -Teesside university

In February 2023, I was delighted to be offered the Honorary Professorship with Teesside University after having been nominated by the School of Health and Life Sciences.

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I’ve been involved in a number of research projects with Prof. Cormac Ryan and Prof. Denis Martin, in the use of virtual reality for both pain and long COVID. This professorship is for a period of four years, starting from February 2023 and I look forward to a number of collaborations and research output during this period of time as well as the opportunity to teach students at the Teesside University and share my experience of clinical pain with a variety of healthcare professionals and members of the public. I’m hugely grateful to my collaborators, Prof Ryan and Prof. Martin for supporting me.

First Class Honours Degree – Henley Business School

In September 2022, I was delighted to finally graduate from the Henley Business School with a First Class Honours Degree in Applied Management.

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This was a challenging and exciting programme supported by my employer and it was dual accredited by the Charters Managers Institute for the award of the degree of Chartered Manager as well. The learning was steep, and I also got to do a qualitative research project, looking into decision-making and how business leaders make decisions when knowledge is incomplete and conditions are often volatile and uncertain all exemplified by COVID19.

I started the course in 2018 and the hope that this would be finished by early 2021. With the arrival of the pandemic, everything went out of the window in terms of schedule assignments. We finally managed to finish it in 2022. A tough degree made even tougher by the pandemic.

Real gratitude and deep thanks for the immense support from my family, my colleagues at my workplace and more importantly my supervisor and tutors at Reading University. I was proud to be awarded the first class degree with distinction. Along the way, the Chartered Managers of Institute (CMI) recognised me as Southeast Apprentice for the Year 2020. In Nov 2021, I was also awarded the National Apprentice of the Year by the CMI and Learner of the Year by the Federation of awarding Bodies(FAB)

Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust Care Award

In May 2022, our service, the Berkshire Long Covid Integrated Service (BLIS) – one I had set up from scratch in December 2020 – won the Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust Care Award for integrated collaborative working.

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This is the highest mark of recognition in our organisation for the hard work that we had done in setting up and making the Long COVID Service in Berkshire, a truly integrated support service for patients.

It was an unforgettable night and my team richly deserved this award for the amount of work that they had done in setting up the service during late 2020 with all the lockdowns, and then continuing to provide the service amidst challenging financial and clinical circumstances during all of 2021. We’re very grateful to our management team for their support and for nominating us in recognition of the work.

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