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As a self-confessed enthusiast and upstreamist, Dr Deepak Ravindran wants to share his ideas globally.

The Journal features a collection of podcasts that Dr Ravindran has been a guest, articles, blogs, and insights on the fast changing and evolving world of trauma informed pain medicine and Longcovid care.  The Journal will aim to debunk the myths, challenge the norms and explore health and well-being with both patients and professionals.

“I have realized that if I needed to change and have an impact, I can’t do that just by talking to a few GPs at a time on a lunch break or talking to patients on a one-to-one basis. I can’t just whisper to my medical colleagues in the hope that they would change their beliefs. I have to go to where the people are.”

In Conversation With …

Suzy Bolt – Long Covid, Pain Management, Lifestyle Medicine

I was interviewed by Suzy Bolt on her Youtube channel, 360mindbodysoul for her community.  

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Susy is a specialist in communication and transformation and has created many recovery and retreat programs for patients recovering from post-viral issues. She has trained in many fields of complementary therapies such as yoga, NLP, and patient-centred counselling. In March 2020, she got COVID and has been left with symptoms of long COVID; in this interview we talked about my understanding of long COVID and the establishment of the long COVID service in Berkshire, and what my philosophy and treatment outlook for patients with long COVID ought to be. I hope you enjoy this interview.

Dr Joe Tatta – Understanding Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) And Chronic Pain

It was indeed a great honour for me to be invited to be a podcast guest on the Healing Pain Podcast by Joe Tatta. 

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Joe has been an inspirational mentor and teacher in terms of the holistic management of pain, and I have completed his courses on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as nutrition for chronic pain. 

In this episode, it was a fantastic opportunity for me to discuss the principles of trauma-informed care and how our understanding of the management of chronic pain needs to incorporate the understanding of trauma, including PTSD, where the entire immune and nervous system are under extreme threat and sympathetic arousal. This continues to be a very important topic, I hope you enjoy this interview and I certainly enjoyed this chat with Joe.

Pete Moore – Pail Toolkit 5 Question Interview

This is one of the earliest podcast interviews that I did when I was starting to formulate the creation of the Pain Free Mindset in my head.

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I have known Pete Moore for a few years now and I’m very grateful that he agreed to share his story for my book. In this interview I talk about the ways in which we should be managing pain and how we empower our pain patients. Hope you enjoy it.

Matt Phillips – Sports Therapy Association – The Pain-Free Mindset

I was very pleased to be invited to be on the Sports Therapy Association podcast by Matt Phillips. 

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Matt is a sports therapist and running coach with a major interest in movement and pain science.

In this episode, I talk about my book, The Pain-Free Mindset, my workaround setting up the community pain services, as well as the long COVID service. Matt was a great interviewer and this was especially a great talk around touch-based therapies. Even though there may not be the high-quality evidence that organisations usually ask for, I feel that touch therapies provide a great many of benefits when viewed from an evolutionary perspective of protection and safety with regards to pain and the neural circuits. I hope you like this interview.

Chronic Pain, Neuroplasticity and Trauma-Informed Pain Care

In this interview I join forces with Evie Martin, the founder of the Get Better Online.

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Get Better Online is an online collective of clinicians who are interested in helping patients in chronic pain. We take a whistle-stop tour through our new understanding of neuroplasticity and what trauma-informed pain care is, and of course my book.

PAIN management and contemporary pain science. Changing (not just) the conversation

I was really pleased to be part of this very important conversation with the Connect Health Webinar series.

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The Connect Health Webinar series calls for a more concerted call for better ways to think about pain management. I was part of a very excellent international panel of clinicians including Cormac Ryan, Lorimer Moseley, and lived experience patients like Niki Jones, to start changing the conversation on how we manage pain. I talk about a need for a change in mindset across primary, secondary and community care by adopting a traumainformed approach to pain practise. If you want to listen to my talk then go directly to the 46th minute 

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The rise of the upstreamist!

The rise of the upstreamist!

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The Sisyphean logic in Medicine – how to break it

The Sisyphean logic in Medicine – how to break it

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