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Matt Phillips – Sports Therapy Association – The Pain-Free Mindset

I was very pleased to be invited to be on the Sports Therapy Association podcast by Matt Phillips. 

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Matt is a sports therapist and running coach with a major interest in movement and pain science.

In this episode, I talk about my book, The Pain-Free Mindset, my workaround setting up the community pain services, as well as the long COVID service. Matt was a great interviewer and this was especially a great talk around touch-based therapies. Even though there may not be the high-quality evidence that organisations usually ask for, I feel that touch therapies provide a great many of benefits when viewed from an evolutionary perspective of protection and safety with regards to pain and the neural circuits. I hope you like this interview.

Chronic Pain, Neuroplasticity and Trauma-Informed Pain Care

In this interview I join forces with Evie Martin, the founder of the Get Better Online.

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Get Better Online is an online collective of clinicians who are interested in helping patients in chronic pain. We take a whistle-stop tour through our new understanding of neuroplasticity and what trauma-informed pain care is, and of course my book.

PAIN management and contemporary pain science. Changing (not just) the conversation

I was really pleased to be part of this very important conversation with the Connect Health Webinar series.

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The Connect Health Webinar series calls for a more concerted call for better ways to think about pain management. I was part of a very excellent international panel of clinicians including Cormac Ryan, Lorimer Moseley, and lived experience patients like Niki Jones, to start changing the conversation on how we manage pain. I talk about a need for a change in mindset across primary, secondary and community care by adopting a traumainformed approach to pain practise. If you want to listen to my talk then go directly to the 46th minute 

The Doctor’s Kitchen: Become Pain Free and Take Control of Your Health

I was delighted to be invited back by Dr Rupy Aujla to join Sakina on The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast to discuss how you can take control of your health and become pain free.  

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In this episode I chat with Sakina about DIY vs Done With You medicine. Sleep and it’s impact on chronic pain; setting the circadian rhythm, sunlight and caffeine as well as how to make complementary therapy more accessible. Hope you enjoy!

The Doctor’s Kitchen: Fix your Pain 

I was delighted to be invited by Dr Rupy Aujla to join him on his The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast to discuss my Upstreamist approach to pain management.  

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Dr Rupy Aujla is an NHS medical doctor who started The Doctor’s Kitchen in 2015 after suffering from a heart condition that changed his life. 

In this interview, we look at upstreamist using a holistic, trauma informed and integrated approach as well as looking at the importance of the role of lifestyle and nutrition on pain.  

BBC Sounds Room 5 Medical Mysteries: Poppy

In Room 5 hosted by Helena Merriman I tell the story of Poppy who went into hospital for a routine operation that left her in excruciating pain. 

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In this episode of Room 5 I tell the story of a 23 year old girl, Poppy, who had a routine knee operation which left her in excruciating pain. Her leg changed colour and she was unable to walk; yet her scans showed that there is nothing wrong.

Other doctors were unable to help, but I managed to solve the mystery. Listen to the podcast to find out how. 

Fundamental Mindset Shift needed to Reduce Pain with Dr. Wayne Phimister

I was very pleased to be invited onto this excellent and very popular podcast channel  The 21st century Pain Solutions.

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Dr Wayne Phimester is a family physician based in North America.

In this interview, we focus on my book and I got an opportunity to speak to his audience on the need to adopt a holistic systemsbased approach to helping people in pain, and why adopting newer approaches is very important to make the move from managing to actually healing, and sometimes curing pain I hope you enjoy this 

The Back Pain Podcast: All about Fibromyalgia! with Rob Beaven and Dave Elliot

This is the first of my podcast interviews with Rob and Dave on The Back Pain podcast.

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In this episode, I talk about fibromyalgia – one of my enduring interests and specialist subjects. As we all know, fibromyalgia is a very complex and difficult condition to understand from the perspective of many musculoskeletal physicians. There is a huge percentage of people with fibromyalgia who struggle with back pain, and often it is very important to understand the core issues within this poorly understood and often stigmatised condition so that you can institute a holistic and appropriate therapy for these patients. Indeed, I would argue that we need to be providing a very comprehensive strategy for patients with fibromyalgia who have back pain. In this episode, I discuss the most recent neuroscientific advances in our understanding of the pain in fibromyalgia. This was recorded way back before the pandemic in the Before COVID (BC) era! 

When Treating Pain, Mind the Knowledge Gap ( 

The Curable app and platform is the first truly online international platform from the USA with a very different, enlightened and evidencebased approach to managing chronic pain, and viewing it from a traumainformed lens.

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I was delighted to be part of the scientific advisory team alongside some esteemed international faculty of physicians and thinkers on how to treat pain very differently. Their choice of programmes and treatment approaches are excellent and it was a great pleasure for me to talk in this podcast episode about my book, The Pain Free Mindset. We also talked about the knowledge gap that is right now existing in the medical field between our new understanding of pain neuroscience and the way that medicine is practised in many continents. It is an important conversation and I’m sure you will find it useful and thoughtprovoking. Let me know what you think 

S2E8 – The Pan Free Mindset with Myelopathy Matters

In this podcast episode for the Myelopathy Matters podcast, I chat with Iwan and Ben about the Pain Free Mindset.

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I chat with Iwan and Ben about the Pain Free Mindset and why understanding and classifying the kind of pain in myelopathy is important so that we can create the appropriate treatment strategy for such patients. Myelopathy is a very difficult and extremely challenging condition often presenting with significant amounts of neuropathic painstrategies for pain management, therefore, need to be holistic, integrated and comprehensive, embracing both the drug and the nondrug treatments equally. I hope you like this interview. 

Pain Toolkit 5 Question interview with Deepak Ravindran 

This is one of the earliest podcast interviews that I did when I was starting to formulate the creation of the Pain Free Mindset in my head.

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I have known Pete Moore for a few years now and I’m very grateful that he agreed to share his story for my book. In this interview, I talk about the ways in which we should be managing pain and how we empower our pain patients. Hope you enjoy it. 

Get Better Podcast: What’s Going on with Long Covid?

I join Evie Martin once again on the Get better online podcast along with David Poulter a very experienced physiotherapist.

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In this podcast we discuss deeper about long COVID and the challenges we have in recognising, understanding, diagnosing and then managing patients who were presenting with long COVID symptoms. David spends a lot of time in the US and it was enlightening to understand how the North American continent was viewing long haul COVID with regards to managing such patients, especially with the nature of the healthcare system and funding provisions. This was certainly a very thought-provoking conversation and I hope you enjoy.

The Back Pain Podcast: Long Covid with Rob Beaven and Dave Elliot

In this episode with The Back Pain podcast, I chat with Rob and Dave around our understanding behind long COVID.

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Rob and Dave are two wonderful chiropractors who I met for the first time back in 2019, when we talked about fibromyalgia in one of their earlier podcast episodes. In this episode, we talk about our understanding behind long COVID what the symptoms are, the management strategies and what I was learning from looking after patients who were referred to my long COVID service in Reading. I hope you enjoy this interview. 

Pain-Less Nutrition – can food can change your pain? Teaser with Alicja Wypasek.

In this fantastic 2-part webinar series in December 2021 for the Footsteps Festival of Pain, I joined forces with Alicja Wypasek and Ian Taverner.

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Alicja Wypasek – a registered Nutritionist and fellow BSLM graduate Ian Taverner – Mr. Cookfulness himself join me for a session titled Pain-Less Nutrition – can food change your pain? 

I think nutrition is a very important strategy for pain management, one that is being better understood in the last 5 to 10 years, so I hope you see this and get not just an idea on why an anti-inflammatory diet is important but also how easy it is to do something about it for your good health. 

#124 Fix your Pain with Dr Deepak Ravindran — The Doctors Kitchen 

I was super delighted and excited to be on this podcast episode of The Doctor’s Kitchen with Dr Rupy Aujla.

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I’ve been a long-time listener to his podcast episodes and they have been brilliant in the wide breadth of guests that he invites to talk about healthcare and food. It was indeed a great opportunity for me to talk to his audience and chat with him about how we can use a variety of nutritional strategies to manage our pain better, apart from all the other newer ways of understanding pain. I got great feedback after this episode and indeed my book went straight back to Number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller list after my podcast interview with Rupy. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed recording it with him. 

This Week with Penny from 4LEGS radio 

In this episode of the 4LEGS radio broadcast, I talk to Penny Locke, creator of the famous Penny Post and community radio host.

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Penny Post and the 4LEGS radio is a very popular and well-regarded electronic newsletter and radio broadcast service covering the Berkshire West area 

High Vibe Wellbeing: Chronic Pain

This was a podcast interview I did with Louise Broda for her new podcast called the High Vibe Wellbeing.

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In this podcast interview we discuss  the newer signs of pain management, and of course my book the Pain Free Mindset. 

Paul Presents: Living with Pain by Paul Presents 

Paul has been a journalist and broadcaster, with a huge amount of media experience, and now runs a very popular and wellregarded podcast channel Paul Presents.

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As well as running his own podcast channel Paul also runs a community radio broadcast service for the Berkshire West area. He is one of my patients and it was a pleasure to talk to him about our new understanding of how to live well with pain Paul himself is a shining example of keeping active despite being in pain

Dr Deepak Ravindran was invited to a local digital radio station  “Kennet Radio” to talk about Pain Management.