The Pain-Free Mindset

7 Steps to Taking Control & Overcoming Chronic Pain

Pain management is a complex process. Typically, pain control is managed by medications including powerful painkillers such as those under the Opioids umbrella; the broader group of pain-relieving drugs that work by interacting with opioid receptors in your body.

With mounting concern in the UK regarding unnecessary prescriptions and a country facing a crisis in Opioid addiction, taking action is a must. We know that opioids like morphine or fentanyl rarely work in chronic pain – or did we? The number of prescriptions handed out to patients in 2018 was a staggering 141 million (Telegraph, UK)

We are told to assume and believe that surgery will ‘fix’ the problem. However, 1 in 4 surgeries will fail to achieve a pain-free outcome. Patients continue to suffer and, in some cases, go on to be worse off than before.

So, surgery rarely solves the problem. The number of surgical procedures performed on average per year across the UK is approximately 4.7 million. This means that the number of people every year with chronic pain is a concerning 800’000!

The powerful approach in The Pain-Free Mindset, an Amazon bestseller, where NHS pain consultant Dr Deepak Ravindran brings his 20 years of experience to offer you an effective set of techniques that will help take back control and overcome pain.

Currently, there is no effective cure for chronic pain within the present medical care system – a hard fact to stomach. With mindset management, tips and tricks, inspirational stories, and a wealth of medical expertise, Dr Deepak Ravindran is set to cure pain, his way

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“Thanks @DeepakRavindra5 for this great practical, evidence-based book on pain! Relevant for #LongCovid. It’s FAB. Lots of stories, not patronising, very practical”

From Prof Trish Greenhalgh Professor of Primary Care health sciences Oxford Uni

“The book is a brilliant summary of some of the latest pain science that has been translated into language that is accessible to everyone. It is filled with real life examples of how these principles affect people. I would highly recommend for anyone living with persistent pain or those supporting them, whether friends, family or clinicians.”

From Dr Giles Hazan – GPwER MSK Medicine, Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust

Just reading my copy of ‘The Pain Free Mindset’ by @DeepakRavindra5 and available from 4 Mar. Aimed primarily at patients/carers but also looks really useful for GPs/HCPs dealing with chronic pain. Loads of important information and useful tips, and easy and interesting to read

From Tina Price, Patient advocate, pain sufferer and Blogger at

“I can honestly say I’ve never read a book as quickly!! Kudos @DeepakRavindra5 for pulling so many threads together to weave this really informative & jam packed (with tips ‘n ideas) guide to #pain management. Adding to resource list”

From Diarmuid Denenny – Chair of Physiotherapy Pain Association UK and Lead Physiotherapist UCL Pain Management centre, London

“Dr Deepak Ravindran’s The Pain-Free Mindset is a compilation of research, clinical guidelines, case studies and visual aids brought together in an extremely readable and easy-to-navigate guide. This is the kind of book you can keep on your shelf and refer to any time you feel alone or uncertain about your pain, and what steps to take next. You’ll be able to find the information you need at a moment’s notice.”

From Review by Jennifer Bowey, Managing Editor & Project Co-ordinator with Pain Concern.