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The Pain-Free Mindset – 7 Steps to Taking Control and Overcoming Chronic Pain

Pain is very complex, and it is only by adopting an open and pain-free MINDSET that we can appreciate the factors that influence and amplify pain.

Flawed beliefs and the overpowering fear factors around pain is where Dr Deepak Ravindran strives to pave the way to a different style of thinking!

Are you ready to take back control and overcome your pain?

This book has been the culmination of 23 years of knowledge on pain management, to empower people with the right tools to rid a life of chronic pain.

With the correct mindset, you will be able to gain a much better understanding of your pain. In turn, this will help you create your personalised plan and ability to overcome your hardest days.

Transform your mindset to live a pain-free life.
Publisher: Vermilion


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We need to understand pain and consider that the drugs don’t (always) work

There are a lot of flawed beliefs on the topic of pain that occupy the present healthcare system and they often account for the worsening of a problem rather than helping it.  Everything we are taught about pain must be unlearnt. With the explosion of this new robust knowledge, the need to step over the traditional barriers of bureaucracy and combine a biological and psychosocial approach is so essential. 


Dr Deepak Ravindran is passionate about adopting a trauma-informed approach to healing pain. The time has come for integrating the conversation about the social determinants of health and our present healthcare system. We need to go upstream in order to manage treatment plans and gain control of pain — before it gains control of us. The need has come for all hospitals and specialist centers to adopt a trauma-informed approach to managing pain. We need to understand pain better and consider that drugs don’t (always) work. 

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“The Pain free Mindset will be music to the ears of GPs and those who work in Pain Management services, and one could argue that this book should be compulsory reading before a chronic pain referral is considered, ………., puts them (patients) back in control of deciding what works for them to restore their quality of life. In doing so, he (Dr.Ravindran) does a very good job of conveying to patients what chronic pain management should be all about. This book will give them the toolkit they need to take charge of managing their chronic pain themselves.”

Dr Jenny Jessop, Consultant Pain Medicine

“I think it is brilliant! I’m recommending it to every clinician and chronic condition sufferer I can, as I think it is a brilliant toolkit and everyone needs to read it! I’ve written a review and will send it to Kate at Penguin later.I really like part 3. Very aspirational. It’s really well written and encouraging, I can see how daunting making these changes could be to some people but I really like the DFY, DWY, and DIY concept, and I just hope that the people who need help see someone as great as you to help them make some changes.”

Vicky Mynott, Founder/Director of Panacea Physiotherapy, Berkshire

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